Quick CleanTech Profits Report

If you had been asking yourself how to benefit from the biggest business revolution of our times – the clean technology revolution. Cleantech includes recycling and renewable energies like: wind power, solar power, biomass, hydropower, biofuels, etc., as well as information technology, green transportation, electric motors, green chemistry, lighting, greywater and many other appliances that are now more energy efficient.

clean tech

What is CleanTech?

Clean tech is any service or product that improves operational performance, productivity or efficiency. The goal is reducing costs, raw materials, energy consumption, waste and other environmental pollution.

From infoDev.org, a global innovation and entrepreneurship program of the World Bank Group. This infographic is part of a report that assesses the potential market for 15 emerging clean technology sectors in the developing world:

cleantech industries infigraphic

Recycling is a part of cleantech and a worldwide trend. It helps cut down on waste but is also big business. This infographic breaks down some of the basic numbers of recycling, for example how many tons of electronic equipment are thrown away each year, and highlights the countries that are best at recycling:

recycling by the numbers infographic

Renewable energy creates jobs! An estimate 800,000 new clean tech jobs were created globally in 2013. According to a study green energy creates more jobs than fossil fuels.

Infographic clean technology credit –&– Recycling graphic

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