Cleantech Profits Report

If you had been asking yourself how to benefit from the biggest business revolution of our times - the clean technology revolution - the Cleantech Profits Report is a must-read for you.

The report provides you rich insights about the industry and its myriad opportunities. Upon reading the report, you will be ready to take the entrepreneurial plunge into this exciting industry.

Why Cleantech?

Every second news item today is about alternative energy and about the world going green. What computers did to the world of business in the mid-seventies, the alternative energy revolution is expected to replicate and even exceed, in terms of opportunities.

The cleantech market is much larger than the more prominent renewable energy market. The cleantech market worldwide is worth about $2 trillion, while the renewable energy market is only about 20% of that!

There are opportunities in renewable power production - solar, wind, biomass, small hydro etc, but upsides for these opportunities are rather constrained. And the possibilities to innovate, while definitely available, are again constrained. Cleantech is however much larger than renewable energy. And every aspect of cleantech has a long value chain with a plethora of opportunities.

The Cleantech Profits Report

Focussed on providing practical inputs on the opportunities available in this exciting industry, the Cleantech Profits Report is divided into three sections.

  • The first section showcases the reader the breadth and depth of the clean technology.
  • The second section displays niche opportunities in various verticals along with specific market analysis of some of them.
  • The third section discusses the basic framework that you must know and understand before venturing into a cleantech business. Case studies of successful cleantech startups are also discussed.
  • The report highlights the breadth of the clean technology verticals available. Alternative energies are not just the solar, wind, geothermal or biomass that you might normally think of.

Many verticals spanning alternative energy and sustainability movement are discussed. Each of the clean technology vertical is discussed along the following lines

  • Practical/ On the ground data/ Insights
  • Number based idea of potential
  • Types of business opportunities
  • Benefits and challenges
  • Emerging domains

Niche opportunities are analysed on the following lines:

  • Opportunity definition
  • Pain point
  • How is the pain point solved
  • Market size of the opportunity
  • How far is it from commercialization
  • Market growth
  • Who are the end users/ target audience/ market segment
  • What is the competition scenario
  • Profit margin analysis
  • Is it a manufacturing/ trading/ service opportunity

We also discuss how to shortlist the given business segments/ opportunities that are ideal for you as an entrepreneur

The report finally showcases inspiring examples of environmentally sustainable businesses who have made themselves big in the cleantech space. Their collective experience will provide you a realistic view towards a successful path of starting and operating a business in the green sector. Some of the companies discussed in this section include

  • Sun Edison
  • Novozymes
  • Serious Materials
  • Amyris Biotechnologies

Who should buy this report?

  • Entrepreneurs keen on starting a business in cleantech
  • Businesses keen on exploring the cleantech domain for diversification
  • CXOs (CEOs, CFOs, CTOs) keen on getting a better understanding of the opportunities available in the cleantech domain.

Why should you buy this report?

  • It will help you understand the various branches of clean technology and would provide key insights which will be invaluable in planning your venture.
  • It has a special emphasis on providing inputs for those interested in investing or starting a business in this field.
  • It has been developed with inputs from authoritative sources.
  • Special emphasis is on inputs that will facilitate businesses to quickly take further steps.
  • Comprises intelligence and inputs derived from many seminars and expert presentations
  • Developed by Clixoo ( ) a leader in providing solutions and services for the global cleantech and renewable energy industry.

Insights and Intelligence, Not Just Information

Compiled by a diverse team of experts, with experience in industrial fields, the Cleantech Profits Report is the first report that provides in-depth analysis and insights on this critical field. It uses innumerable data and information from a wide variety of expert sources and market studies, and distills these inputs and data into intelligence and a roadmap that you can use.

List of Contents

Section - 1 Profiting from Alternative Energy Revolution

Chapter 1 - Clean Technology Verticals


1.1 Energy Generation

1.2 Energy Efficiency

1.3 Energy Infrastructure and Carriers

1.4 Energy Storage

1.5 Air & Environment Management

1.6 Water and Wastewater management

1.7 Sustainable Materials

1.8 Sustainability production/manufacturing

1.9 Sustainable Agriculture

1.10 Sustainable transportation

1.11 Recycling and Waste management

1.12 Sustainable life style

1.13 Enablers

Chapter 2 - Detailed Analysis of Business Opportunities - Waste to Energy Industry

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Types of Wastes

2.3 Waste to Energy Technologies and Pathways

2.4 Waste to Solid Fuels

2.4.1 Briquettes

2.4.2 Pellets

2.4.3 Charcoal

2.4.4 Biochar

2.5 Waste to Liquid Fuels

2.5.1 Biodiesel

2.5.2 Bioethanol

2.5.3 Bio Oil

2.6 Waste to Gaseous fuels

2.6.1 Biogas

2.6.2 Syngas

2.7 Refuse Derived Fuels

Section 2 - Niche Business Opportunities in Clean Technology

Chapter 3 - Identification of Niche Opportunities

3.1 Identification of unique opportunities

3.2 Short description of their applications

Chapter 4 - Market Analysis of Opportunities

4.1 Spray on solar cells/ panels - Manufacturing opportunity

4.2 Small wind turbines - Manufacturing opportunity

4.3 Clean Tech training- Service opportunity

4.4 Green Insurance - Service opportunity need more content

4.5 Solar air conditioning technology- Manufacturing opportunity

4.6 Innovative Biopackaging - Service opportunity

4.7 Biodegradable nanotechnology - Manufacturing opportunity

4.8 Lithium battery recycling - Service opportunity

4.9 Biodegradable Bone Adhesive Systems - Manufacturing opportunity

4.10 Power management chips - Manufacturing opportunity

4.11 Shortlisting Business Segments that are ideal for you as an entrepreneur

Section 3 - Framework for Starting a Clean Tech Business

Chapter 5 - Basic Framework for Cleantech Business

5.1 Venturing into a CleanTech Business

5.2 Basic framework to understand the clean tech business

5.3 Feasibility study

5.4 Financing

5.5 Implementation

5.6 Operations & support

5.7 Marketing

5.8 Difference between conventional and clean tech business

5.7 Do's and Don'ts

5.8 Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 6 - Case Studies of Successful CleanTech Companies

6.1 Backgrounds of Startups Companies in Cleantech

6.2 Case Studies of Successful Cleantech Companies

6.3 Sun Edison

6.4 Novozymes

6.5 Serious Materials

6.6 Suzlon

6.7 Amyris Biotechnologies

The price of the report is $250


About Clixoo

Clixoo ( ) is a leading company providing services and solutions for the global sustainability industries.

Divisions of Clixoo provide specific to diverse segments within the cleantech and renewable energy industries. With a specific focus on providing business-specific and investment specific information and resources for the renewable energy industry, AltProfits is a catalysing force for the global renewable energy industry.

Clixoo also publishes world class reports on a range of important renewable energy topics and provides consulting and research support services to the industry.

The Clixoo team comprises professionals with expertise in strategy and consulting, backed by science and engineering professionals. The team is based out of Chennai, India.

Divisions of Clixoo

  • Energy Alternatives India - EAI - - India's leading renewable energy research and consulting firm
  • CleanTick - - emerging to be an effective online network for the worldwide cleantech industry and community
  • Oilgae - - world's leading business intelligence provider on algae fuels
  • BioZio - - our division focused on providing research and intelligence on the emerging bio-based products.

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