Solar Power for Your Residential Home

residential solar power

Solar power for residential homes can provide hot water, warm pools, heating and even energy for cooking. This resource can be tapped with an initial investment that will pay for itself over a reasonably short period of time. Instead of paying power companies for use of non-renewable resources, families can not only save money, but help save the environment as…

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Ways To Solar Power Your Home Effectively

different ways to solar power your home

There are just a few suggestions in order to Solar Power Your Home. It depends on where you live as to which side of the house you should put the most windows on. For the northern hemisphere it is more common to assume that the sun rises more toward the south side of your home. This is the side where…

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What Is Solar Energy? How do solar panels work?

A short definition for an answer to your question what is solar energy, can be described as below. Solar power is electricity generated from the levels of natural energy contained within the sun’s rays (solar radiation). We shall now take a deeper look into the energy from the sun, and the ways in which we can use this energy. The…

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Solar Powered Air Conditioner for a Cool Future

solar powered air conditioner and water heater

If you are looking to go green for your household, one of the options you should really investigate is a solar powered air conditioner. Solar air conditioning can be done through passive solar power, solar thermal energy conversion and photo-voltaic conversion. No question, air conditioning has improved people’s lives, it helps us sleep better and work more efficiently. As developing…

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